About Us

ABOUT 1dot1

We’re a team of professionals from different background and experiences. We initiated this platform with a motive to be a person which we wished we had during our career decision turns at any walk of life.

This platform is for sharing and exchanging experiences in the form of mentoring. Professionals can also develop their business network by joining this curated professional team.

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A casual discussion with friends on the lack of personalized career guidance based on hands on experiences gave birth to the thought of an online platform for the benefit of individuals across the country.

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Realising the gap

Experiential learning is the need of the hour. Most professionals do feel a gap between theory and practical aspects of an industry.


Experienced professionals have come forward to create curated network and mentor people from all walks of life who are in need of practical insights of a particular industry to decide for their future prospects.


The whole idea is to provide one on one mentoring and networking; hence, the name ‘1dot1’.

1dot1 Thinking

No login required - easy access to resources

Telephonic mentoring - widely acceptable and convenient

Experiential learning - necessity, not luxury

Let's grow together - CONNECT : DISCUSS : COLLABORATE


Rahul Ahuja

Founder Mentor

Ashish Panjwani

Co-Founder Mentor