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1. About : Baking is more precise than any other kinds of cooking

2. Get ready for : Creativity, attention to details, ability to follow recipes, organizational skills

3. How to go for it? : Bachelor degree, diploma & certification course

4. Opportunities ahead : Retail bakeries, whole sale, hotels & restaurants, caterers

5. Channel checks : Unorganised Industry

6. Let’s be little futuristic : External factors are in the favor of this industry but ultimate making it bright is in your hand

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8. 1dot1 Mentors : Garima Dhanwani, Diksha Heliwal


As we know that Baker bakes bread, cookies, pies, cakes and pastries for all of us. Every good thing comes with so many responsibilities. To make it yummy and innovative, Baker is responsible for preparing and experimenting with dishes, baking foods, decorating cakes and measuring ingredients.


A baker makes various kinds of loaves, bread rolls, croissants, buns, pastries, cakes and savories by adding his own innovation to his basic knowledge of baking. Every baker takes the training but master only those who every time brings something new on the table.


One interesting chemical fact : There’s more to baking than just mixing and heating the ingredients. In fact, cakes, cookies and bread are produced by complicated chemical reactions.

Flour gives a baked good its structure,

Baking powder or soda gives it airiness,

Eggs are like the binding glue, 

Oil and butter tenderize, sugar sweetens, and water gives moisture.


When the dry and wet ingredients are combined, each ingredient competes to get water for itself, which is why putting them in the right order is important. That’s why baking is more precise than any other kinds of cooking. Even a slight difference in ingredients or methods makes that chemistry happen differently. 

Get ready for

Your love of baking can become a successful career. However, there are some crucial skills that you must possess if you want to be successful in this field.


Everyone prefer product that is not only delicious but has a good appearance, too. Being creative is crucial when you want to become a baker. Love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? You can get customized cake of this show theme. Or Love shopping, baker will add shopping bags on your cake. This is called CREATIVITY!! Try to come up with something new every time. Gone are the days where you can simply add vanilla strawberry cream on cake to make it beautiful.

Attention to detail

You need to pay a lot of attention to minute details in your work. These details are what make your creation better than your competitors.

Ability to follow recipes

Follow the instructions is crucial especially when you are a beginner.  You should not overlook even a single step if you want to deliver a high-quality outcome.

Organizational skills

Baking is a juggling act. This means organising everything from your ingredients to forward-thinking your way through the stages of the recipe.

Lots of thinking ahead is required when you’re a baker and you need to be considering what needs to be done in advance 

How to go for it?

DIPLOMA & Certification Courses

Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery, Diploma in Bakery and Patisserie Skills, etc. There are various Professional courses offered by Institutions. One can pursue that instead of going for Bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor's Degree

B.Sc. in Culinary Arts in Bakery & Pastry Art Management is a 3-year course designed for students who wish to join the hospitality industry as chefs.

Extras: You can also start baking career without formal education however some places of work may have special requirements. This is because baking is a unique profession that is more reliant on work experience than education.

Opportunities ahead

Retail Bakeries

 If you want to start your own baking business, the most obvious choice would be to open a bakery where you can sell a variety of different creation.


If you don’t want to start your whole bake shop, you could just sell your creations to local bakeries on wholesale basis.

Hotels & Restaurants

You can work as an employee in Big Restaurants where they offer high packages.


If you’re a skilled baker and chef, you could start your own catering business where you provide dessert along with your main course items.

Baking Teacher

You could also start your own baking school where you teach some of the basics of baking to students, or even specialize in more advanced baked goods. Or create courses and offer them online via Social Media Platforms.

Channel checks

Unorganised Industry

While there is demand and appetite for bakery products, the Indian bakery industry faces certain challenges.

The industry is generally divided into organised and unorganised, with more than 2,000 organised or semi-organised bakeries, and 1,000,000 unorganised bakeries. There are issues of hygiene practices and standards, and organised bakeries are also incurring losses due to lack of operational efficiency and skilled workers.

Let's be little

Consumption of Cake




Even though the demand of cake is on high but don’t forget demand for innovation is also on rise. If you won’t stand up to the mark, you are out !

External forces are in favor of this industry but ultimately making it bright for you is in your hands 🙂


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