Fashion Designing

More than a mere outfit!



1. About : Turns idea into a design

2. Get ready for : An artistic and creative personality, good visual imagination, Fabric Awareness, updated with fashion trends

3. How to go for it? : Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, PG

4. Opportunities ahead : Textile & fabric units, branded fashion showroom, boutiques, etc

5. Channel checks : Fashion Industry’s inadequate growth, Pay scale differ in Metro & Non-Metro cities

6. Let’s be little futuristic : Considered as more viable career option

7. Useful links : 10 facts about fashion industry in India, 5 things not to avoid while choosing FD course, Inspiring journey of Manish Malhotra, Top 5 Fashion designers in India, Fashion designer games


Are you always fascinated by the latest fashion trends in the market? Do you really think of designing clothes? Have you ever thought of becoming like “Manish Malhotra”?

If yes, this article will surely provide you some trendy vogue about this field.

Fashion designing is one of the glamorous career options and opens a world of opportunities for anyone with a passion in this field.

It is the art of applying design, natural beauty to clothes and its accessories.

It begins with an idea of how a garment should look, turns that idea into a design (such as a sketch), and specifies how that design should be made into an actual piece of clothing.

Get ready for

An artistic and creative personality

Designers need to constantly come up with original and creative ways to make the clothing they make stand out. In order to effectively convey their ideas designers must be accomplished sketch artists.

Good visual imagination

Fashion Designers should be able to think in three-dimensions and put their ideas into garments.

Fabric awareness

To be a good designer, you need to understand how each fabric moves, how it wears and how they all work together. For example, wedding dress designers avoid using silk because it creases easily and ruins the design when it’s photographed with crinkles.

Constantly updated with current fashion trends

Staying tuned with emerging fashion trends related to colors, fabrics and key shapes.

Constantly updated with current fashion trends

A Fashion Design student must know how to design cost-effective and high-in-demand products that will be profitable in the long run for the business.

How to go for it?

There are different types of Fashion Designing degrees available in India, let’s check out most popular degrees.



10 + 2 Passed


Diploma in FD, Advanced Diploma in FD & Management, Certificate Course in FD



10 + 2 Passed


Bachelors of Fashion Designing can be pursued via B.A., B.Sc.



Graduation in Fashion Design


Masters of Fashion Designing can be pursued via M.A., M.Sc.

Post Graduation


Must have pursued graduation (preferably in FD)


P.G. Diploma in Fashion Design

Extras: You can also start baking career without formal education however some places of work may have special requirements. This is because baking is a unique profession that is more reliant on work experience than education.


  • Networking and meeting like minded people
  • Finding your niche
  • Learning what’s it like to own and grow a business

You should start meeting people in the fashion industry as early as possible, preferably while you are still a Fashion Design student. Keep your eyes open for paid or unpaid internships.

Opportunities ahead

With the highest population and with one of the biggest movie industries in the world, India has huge demand for fashion designers.

Here are some varieties of fields open for Fashion designer :

Textile & Fabric Units

Fashion designers in textile and fabric manufacturing units design, make specifications and then oversee manufacturing of fabrics that meet the needs of the client.

Branded Fashion Showroom

Fashion designers often design collections based on the requirements of high-end fashion stores. These collections are then put across the stores, ready for sale.

Televiosion and Film Industry

Celebrated fashion designer design costumes and apparel for film and television industry.


Fashion designers design apparel to be displayed across designer boutiques.


Retail Chains, Garment & Textile export house, Self Employed Fashion Designer, Teaching in an Institute that offers courses in Fashion Designing, etc.

Channel checks

Fashion Industry’s inadequate growth

Limited experience of the designers and the platform they are offered is one of the main reasons for inadequate growth. The insignificance stalks from the reality that most of the young talent is hired by the bigger names to work in their studios, thus imprinting their work with the label of the big designers.

Pay scale differ in Metro & Non-Metro cities

There is always a difference in the pay package in the field of fashion designing. The upward, as well as the downward trend, is observed as well. Following are some of the data:


New Delhi- 23% (upward)

Mumbai- 31% (upward)

Bangalore- 14% (upward)

Kolkata- 21% (downward trend)

Let's be little

If I say that fashion will end in next 5 years, you won’t believe. It is going to grow each and everyday to cater our trendy demands. Fashion and accessories is a thing of daily lives and it is going to be with us forever. Therefore this career is considered as more viable career option.


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