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1. About : A person who completely transform the look of a person

2. Get ready for : Creativity, Imagination, Product details, Interpretation skills

3. How to go for it? : Certification course, Bachelor’s degree

4. Opportunities ahead : Freelance, Stage and Theater Makeup, Beauty Blogger and Vlogger

5. Channel checks : Biggest Contributor, MUA & Money

6. Let’s be little futuristic : All the factors are on positive side, hence the future too

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India’s history is a proof about how much women is fond of makeup. The need to look best is not just limited to family events or weddings, it has moved way beyond that. Be it the corporate world, fashion or mass media, people are becoming conscious about the way they look and prefer that everything should be on point.

So, what we call a person behind such transformation?- Makeup Artist!!

Yes, Make-up artist is a professional artist who enhances a person’s appearance, bringing out color and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws, using cosmetic products.

Get ready for

Is being a makeup artist as easy as it may seem? We don’t think so. The amount of pressure and people they deal with is not easy, all the while putting their best foot forward.

But what does it take to be one? Here are some basic skills one needs in order to be a successful professional makeup artist!

Creativity and Imagination

Makeup Artistry demands creativity. How you visualize a certain makeup form and how you plan on turning that vision into reality is the test of your talent.  

Personality and Hygiene

This industry is glamorous and your personality should  reflect your work. A makeup artist has to look and talk amazing!

Product Details

Speaking of talent, you also need the knowledge to back it up. The proper makeup procedure, which products are good for which skin type and even sly hacks that can bring in a brilliant twist in the makeup. Proper knowledge of such details gives the makeup artist an edge over the others. 


Having a unique touch of your own or the ability to create a new and unique look is what makes makeup artists different from the others. 

Interpretation Skills

One’s face and entire look is at stake. And that can be an unnerving idea for the client. In such situations, it is the makeup artist’s responsibility to keep them calm and give them the assurance that their makeup is in good hands.

How to go for it?

Certification Courses

One can get a certification course to begin their career in cosmetology, makeup, hairstyling, nail technician, tattooing, etc. The courses offered vary academy wise & depends upon the duration and fees.

Bachelor's Degree

To work in the entertainment or fashion industry, a Bachelor’s Degree is a must. One can pursue Bachelor’s degree with specialization in Makeup & Cosmetology.

Opportunities ahead


This has become the choice of many makeup artist today, it gives the artist freedom to work independently and on their own time schedule and the flexibility of this career option is the number one reason it is so popular today.

Stage & Theatre

Stage makeup is enhanced makeup and will require you to exaggerate the actors features so the audience even in the back row can see their face and their facial features.  Make their eyes to look bigger, cheeks to appear rosier, and heavy contouring to enhance the actor’s natural facial features.

Beauty Blogger & Vlogger

Do you love writing? Do you love doing video blogs? Do you know how to set up a blog or Youtube account? Do you have a large following on your Instagram account? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might have a future career in beauty blogging. Think Vidya Tikari, Ambika Pillai, Sona GasparianHuda Kattan and so many more. You too could be the next big social media star!

Celebrity Makeup Artist

As a celebrity makeup artist, you may work with someone once or you may work with them for years. It all comes down to your chemistry with the celebrity client.

Channel checks

Biggest Contributor

Wedding is the biggest contributor to makeup industry. Industry is growing at the rate of 20% annually and awareness about makeup is growing at 50% annually. Average 14-15k is spent for per bridal makeup in India.

MUA & Money

As a constantly growing industry worth over $455 billion, the beauty industry has labeled makeup artistry as a goldmine for self-made women by Forbes. The average salary of a freelance makeup artist is between $35,000-45,000 while the top 10% can make up to $75,000 per year, which perfectly represents the versatility of this career path.

Let's be little

More conscious about looks

Entertainment industry is growing

Competition in modelling and fashion is on high

Demand for good looks is never ending

Since all the factors are on positive side, the future scope of a makeup artist is also on high. 

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