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1. About : Career as a writer is a skill based, which comes out of passion

2. Get ready for : The habit of writing, Creativity, Understanding SEO, Edit, Re-edit, Re-Re-Edit, Adaptability, Social perceptiveness, Many More

3. How to go for it? : No specialized degree still some streams recommended under Graduation, Post Graduation, Internship

4. Opportunities ahead : Blogger. Copywriter, Script writers, Web content, Freelancer, Others

5. Channel checks : Significant Rejections, Most searched job in India

6. Let’s be little futuristic : Demand for content writer has direct relation with the number of businesses coming online

7. Useful links : Top 25 Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers, Top 10 Freelance Content Writers, Content Writing Companies of India, Great Content Writers Do That Average Writers Do Not

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A writer is someone who uses their words with a variety of style, techniques & meaning to communicate their ideas. Career as a writer is a skill based, which comes out of passion. No one can force someone to write. People who have the art of expressing their thoughts in words can become good writer.


A writer writes content for websites, blogs, articles, stories, newspaper articles, training modules and so on. Nobody is born writer. Writer or not, you do not have to be worried if you focus on improving skills. 

“If you suffer from overthinking, then welcome to Writing!”.

Get ready for

The habit of writing

If you want to become a singer, you have to sing. Similarly, if you want to become a writer, write every single day. Automate your willingness to write and make it a habit.


Writers and authors must be able to develop new and interesting plots, characters, or ideas so they can come up with new stories.

Understanding SEO

It is very much important to know how to build SEO friendly titles, use keywords and keep up to date with Latest algorithm changes of Google.

Edit, Re-edit, Re-Re-Edit

No write-up is perfect in one go. It takes lot of editing which in turn requires patience, discipline and an eye for detailing. Don’t be surprised if editing takes more time than writing.


As a writer, your thought process should change from client to client & role to role. For example, blogs for career & education will be much different from blogs for Fashion Industry. So you need to adapt quickly to show your valuable content.

Social perceptiveness

Writers and authors must understand how readers react to certain ideas in order to connect with their audience.

Many more

The list of skills is endless. Be strong with your research skills, Ability to get focused & meet deadlines, Deliver quality and stay in demand.

How to go for it?

There is no specialized degree or course in the field of Content Writing. Not all writers have Literature Background. But below mentioned degrees are the recommended one to become a Content Writer.


Bachelors degree in English, Mass Communication and Journalism for 3 years.

Post Graduation

Post Graduation English, Mass Communication and Journalism for 2 years.


Experience can be gained through internships, but any form of writing that improves skill, such as blogging, is beneficial.

Opportunities ahead

Social Media Manager

Writers are a strong fit for social media positions. Much of it requires writing tweets, Facebook, Instagram captions, LinkedIn posts and so forth. Plus, this work is highly creative. In addition to these popular channels, many organizations also incorporate Quora, Vine, Slack and more into their strategy.


The internet has made it much easier for poets to get work out there. Start an Instagram or Tumblr page to share short poems, join a poet community, or sign up to do poetry performances. As your popularity grows, you can even consider publishing a book.


Blogging is like advanced level diary writing. Blogging ranges from Personal blog to corporate blogs. On Personal Blog, bloggers often write about thoughts, ideas or interest on some particular topic. In corporate blogging, bloggers follow their idea and promote their brand through your content. One needs to be exceptionally good to make their mark as a blogger. 


Copywriter often writes to sell. They prepare advertisements to promote the sale of a good or service & work with a client to produce written content, such as advertising themes, jingles, and slogans. It is more than advertising, they open their hearts to create instant connect & the whole nation then sings with them“Vicks ki goli lo Khich Khich dur karo, Washing Powder Nirma, Sabki Pasand Nirma!!”.

Script Writers

Writers who are good at writing dialogues can become scriptwriters. These writers write content for movies, television shows and plays. Through your work, you must use new and interesting ideas so that target audience says“Mogambo Khush hua”.

Web Content Writer

Web Content Writers compose content for online consumption. They are expected to create content that is optimized for the web. In simple words, when we search for anything on WWW, the solutions you find are the results of Web content writers. Mostly, web content writers are freelancer. However, a lot of companies offer full-time jobs as well.


As a freelancer, your roles and responsibilities depend upon which organization you are working with. Your work ranges from social media engagement to content development to email marketing and collateral development. In Social Media Engagement, you have to create and post informative content on various Social Media platforms and manage them. 


Simply put, a novelist writes novels. You need topic to start with. Be it personal, geographical, financial, etc. Fully research on the topic, write the draft with your creative ideas and imagination, edit it and come up with the final copy to publish.


We all know Javed Akhtar Ji for his “Mein koi aisa geet gaoon ki aarzu jagaoon”. Who is he? A lyricist. He/she is someone who is involved in writing creative words that are used in songs. Many songs are poetic pieces with a musical overlay. If you are able to write poetry, there is a good chance you would be able to write lyrics.


Other opportunities such as Content writer for marketing, Technical Writings, News Reporter, Food & Arts Reviewer, Movie Critics, article writer, Academic writer, Magazine Writer, etc.

Channel checks

Significant rejections

A content writer has to face rejection may be ‘n’ number of times. It takes a courage, confidence and belief to continue working. A content writer has to gracefully accept all the rejections. Rejection is an inevitable challenge faced by a content writer.

Most searched job in India

India showcased vast changes in the priority of content writer jobs in recent years and surpassed other fast-evolving digital marketing jobs like social media managers, SEO analyst, Content marketing manager, etc. The research conducted in the world’s leading nations highlighted the overall share of content writer jobs to be 47.57 per cent amongst all leading digital marketing jobs.

Let's be little

Career as writer highly depend upon on the Business. If we foresee the requirement of businesses, everyone has already or planning to land up their business online. They require highly engaged content for marketing. In order to fulfill this they hire highly skilled writers for existing or upcoming platforms. Demand for content writer has direct relation with the number of businesses coming online.


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