Professional Home Baker

What Diksha feels about 1dot1 ?

I feel that 1dot1 will give me a platform to be able to connect with people of different backgrounds and learn from them and also help people who might have questions relating to baking.


- Baking
- Cooking

Preferred Time

Daily (7 pm to 9 pm)

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Diksha has completed her CS education and article ship post which she decided to pursue her passion which is Baking.

She always loved to bake for her loved ones and thought why not give it a try as a profession. So, she took a professional course in that and then started working as a Home Baker in her hometown which is Nagpur and it has been an exciting journey until now and she hopes to continue the same in near future.

Languages Known

  • English
  • Hindi


  • Company Secretary
  • B.Com


  • Home Baker
  • Company Secretary Intern


  • City Topper, SEBI Intermediate Exam