Owner, Maa Durga Collection

What Sagar feels about 1dot1 ?

I’m happy and glad to see that there is a platform where people are talking about career. It’s a need of today’s world to guide and help others so that no one is lacking behind in their career.


- Dealing with vendors
- Convincing power
- Marketing

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Sagar is from Nagpur city. He always wanted to become a businessman and by all his dedication & hard work he achieved his dream. He was clear from the very beginning that success is not something he will achieve through studying. Since school times he used to sit at his father’s shop to observe what exactly he is doing.

After 10th, when everyone thinks of science and commerce he took his first job in the garment business. He did whatever it takes to learn and grow.

Once he got the experience with the idea of business, he jumped into the partnership. Due to some issues and disputes, he left the same and started his own business in 2019. That was the turning point of his life. That day he understood the real meaning of businessman. He believes that to grow a business it takes every day new efforts and new experiences.

Languages Known

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sindhi


  • Bachelor of Commerce


  • Owner, Maa Durga Collection (Jul’19 – Present)
  • Partner, Heer Fabrics & Co. (Feb’18 – Apr’19)