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What Ashish feels about 1dot1 ?

1dot1 is an initiative that firmly believes in the idea of ‘Everyone in today’s world has a right to do what they love and want to do’.

It is acting as a bridge between the people who want to do something great but don’t have enough idea at their disposal on how to do it and the expert mentors who can help those guidance seekers.


- Flutter
- Dart
- Node.js
- Java
- Android
- Kotlin
- C++
- WordPress

Preferred Time

Daily (8 pm to 9 pm)

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Ashish hails from Law Capital of Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur. He is a man with dreams and strongly believes in ‘Dreams come true, if you truly believe in it’.

During his final school years, he was not clear about where he wants to go further due to his own dilemma and some external pressure. He was interested in mathematics, but was not sure on how he should head. So, he just opted for PCM and went ahead to pursue Computer Science Engineering.

However, even after completing the 1st year of engineering, he was not feeling content about his studies and how he was heading. In fact, at one point, he thought of dropping it. But due to some certain life changing events, he got a sudden shoot up in interest for programming. From that time to till now, he never looked back again and continued working towards his dreams enjoying each & every part of the process.

Currently, he is a Mobile App Developer trying to solve the problems faced by today’s world through technology. According to him, starting up and knowing yourself is very important irrespective of what the situation and challenges are. There are few people in his life who have helped him immensely wherever he got stuck, confused, or faced problems and those people are his friends. Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition; they’ll help push you for and realize your own.

Don’t stress yourself about the future, because you never know what the future folds for you. Just enjoy the process, rest everything will align.

Languages Known

  • English
  • Hindi


  • Bachelor Of Technology (Computer Science), RCET Bhilai


  • Software Development Engineer, Shoopy (Jun’21 – Present)
  • Mobile App Developer, Freelance (Feb’20 – Jun’21)
  • Android Intern, Jivandeep Health Services (Jul’19 – Oct’19)
  • Graphic Designer, RuBEC RCET (Sep’17 – Apr’18)


  • Runner-up, SKYHack 2018 (Hackathon)