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What Nisaachar feels about 1dot1 ?

It’s an platform which helps to connect people, some less experienced, some more. Don’t get dishearten if you have less experience, what matters is your intention. 1dot1 is one such example.


- Writer
- Piano
- Programming (Php & Python)

Preferred Time

Daily (5 pm to 7 pm)

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He started out as a regular Math student, pursuing Engineering. But somewhere down the lane, his inclination towards reading and writing went uphill.

Nisaachar beliefs? “Every art is a lie, told to convey the truth”. Writing is one such beautiful art.

About his work? He has always been a keen observer of his surroundings, humans included. He finds psychology fascinating, the way humans do things, and why they do them. So in his blog, he writes particularly about psychology, thoughts and life in general.

And life, by the way, is a journey, whose final destination is death. So don’t get lost in reaching the destination. Rather try to enjoy the journey itself.

(You know, what’s the most fuckoll of all. When you say you are a writer and can’t fuckin define yourself).

“When you have a WHY for doing things that’s your career or work. When you can’t find a WHY and still want to do it anyway. Well congrats, you have found your passion”

– निशाचर

Languages Known

  • English
  • Hindi


  • B.Tech (Computer Science), BIT Raipur


  • Blogger, Journey of Thoughts (2020 – Present)


  • Runner-up, SKYHack 2018 (Hackathon) 
  • Self-taught Writer, Pianist & Programmer